Constitution day Celebration

GENERAL STUDIES- II – Indian Constitution- historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments, significant provisions and basic structure.

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated the Constitution Day celebrations, organised by the Supreme Court to mark the anniversary of the adoption of our Constitution on November 26, 1949 in New Delhi. Speaking on the occasion, the President said that our Constitution is not static but is a living document. The Constituent Assembly was conscious that the Constitution would need to be interwoven with new threads. In a dynamic world, this would be the best way to serve the people and the nation as a whole. As such, over the years, many amendments have been carried out to the Constitution by Parliament.
  1. The Constitution is not just an abstract ideal. It has to be made meaningful to the lives of ordinary people in every street, every village and every mohalla of our country. It has to somehow connect with their everyday existence and make it more comfortable.
  2. The heart of the constitutional project was trust – trust in each other, trust between institutions, trust in the goodness of fellow citizens, and trust in the wisdom of future generations.
  3. This sense of trust is inherent in constitutional governance. When the Government trusts citizens to attest their documents themselves, it is in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution.
  4. Our Constitution framers realised that a Constitution, no matter how well written and how detailed, would have little meaning without the right people to implement it and to live by its values.
  5. And in this, they placed their faith in generations that would follow. The Constitution empowers the people as much as the people empower the Constitution.
  6. When individuals and institutions ask what the Constitution has done for them and how it has built their capacities – they must also consider what they have done to uphold the Constitution. And what they have done to support its value system. The Constitution is ‘We, the People’ as much as ‘We, the People’ are the Constitution.
  7. The President said that our fundamental commitment must continue to be to take the values of our Constitution – and the fruits of our social, economic and political development – to the very grassroots of our society. For this we must make constant efforts to raise standards of subordinate institutions and bring them at par with apex institutions in all spheres.
  8. The President received the first copies of books – ‘The Constitution at 67’ and ‘Indian Judiciary: Annual Report 2016-17’ from the Chief Justice of India, Mr Justice Dipak Misra.


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