Text of PM’s address in 44th episode of Mann Ki Baat, 27.05.2018

Prime Minister’s Office
Namaskar. Through ‘Mann Ki Baat’, I once again have been blessed with the opportunity to be face-to-face with you. I am sure you distinctly remember that for the last many months, a naval team comprising six women Commanders was on a voyage. I want to tell you something about the ‘Naavika Saagar Parikrama’. These six illustrious daughters of India circumnavigated the globe for over more than 250 days on board the INSV Tarini, returning home on the 21st of May. The entire country welcomed them with open arms, with high spirits. They traversed a multitude of oceans, many a sea, over a distance of almost twenty two thousand nautical miles. This was a first of its kind event in the entire world. Last Wednesday, I got an opportunity to meet these daughters and listen to their experiences. Once again, I congratulate these daughters and their spirit of adventure for bringing laurels to the country, for raising the glory of the Navy and significantly so, for conveying to the world that India’s daughters are no less. Who does not know of the sense of adventure? If you view the journey of human evolution, you will notice that breakthroughs in progress have taken birth in the womb of some adventure or the other. There is an umbilical link between development and adventure; the resolve to achieve something, the burning desire to do something unparalleled, the sentiment proclaiming “I too can do it”. The number of such people may be miniscule, but they turn out to be sources of inspiration for millions of others, spanning an array of eras. Recently, you must have come across quite a few notable happenings pertaining to mountaineers attempting to scale Mount Everest. For centuries, Everest has been throwing the gauntlet at humankind. And for long, brave hearts have been responding to the challenge.

On the 16th of May, a team comprising five tribal students of an Ashram School in Chandrapur, Maharashtra- Maneesha Dhurve, Pramesh Ale, Umakant Madhavi, Kavidas Katmode and Vikas Soyam- scaled the world’s highest peak. These Ashram School students began training in August, 2017, covering Wardha, Hyderabad, Darjeeling and Leh-Ladakh. These young boys & girls had been selected under ‘Mission Shaurya’. True to its name, they brought glory to the country with their brave deed of conquering the Everest. I congratulate these young friends and members of the school in Chandrapur, from the core of my heart. Just a while ago, 16 year old Shivangi Pathak became the youngest Indian woman to scale Everest from the Nepal side. Heartiest congratulations, Beti Shivangi.



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